Neptune e coder r900i water meter problems


Please purchase a subscription to read our premium content. If you have a subscription, please log in or sign up for an account on our website to continue. Please log in, or sign up for a new account to continue reading. Thank you for reading! On your next view you will be asked to log in to your subscriber account or create an account and subscribe purchase a subscription to continue reading. Jimmy Leal, from Santa Fe, looks at one of the new water meters at the city of Santa Fe's utility billing division on Monday, December 28,while he waits to try to resolve a dispute about an office space that has been vacant since since mid August.

The notice he received says the the location 49 thousand gallons in one month. Leal was told to hire a plumber to check if he has a leak on the property. The city of Santa Fe's utility billing division has been taking a lot of heat in recent months from customers who are upset with what they believe to be mistakes in their water bills, many of which are tied to the installation of new water meters.

The notice he received says the the location used 49 thousand gallons in one month. Fernando Cobos and his son Fernando Cobos, 9, pay for their water bill at the city of Santa Fe's utility billing division on Monday, December 28, Fernando says " I haven't had any problems, it's just like normal.

However, the city of Santa Fe's utility billing division has been taking a lot of heat in recent months from customers who are upset with what they believe to be mistakes in their water bills, many of which are tied to the installation of new water meters. Rodolfo Torres, from Santa Fe, waits for someone to help him at the front desk of the city of Santa Fe's utility billing division on Monday, December 28, Torres' water meter at a trailer that has been empty for two months is more expensive now than when he lived in it.

Instead of getting an answer, however, all he got was an answering machine that repeated the same message, adding to his frustration. The New Mexican first reported a spike in complaints over water bills last month, most of which stemmed from the installation of new water meters.

neptune e coder r900i water meter problems

Probably too late to affect that situation, but there should have been clear evidence of the overcharge LONG ago. The influx of complaints, plus a staffing shortage, created longer wait times on the phone, a problem that persists. Schiavo, who on Monday referred questions about the complaints to Catanach, said last month that the new Badger Meter Inc.

The complaints against the Utility Billing Division, obtained by The New Mexican under an open-records request, raise a host of concerns from various people, including City Council candidate Marie Campos, who said in May that her water bill had doubled. In an email to Schiavo, Campos said her attempts to the get the problem resolved at the Water Division offices were fruitless.

Catanach said about half the complaints logged against the Water Division were valid.Page of 48 Go. Quick Links. Download this manual.

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Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Chapter 6: Maintenance and Troubleshooting 37 Troubleshooting Page 4 Copyright This manual is an unpublished work and contains the trade secrets and confidential information of Neptune Technology Group Inc. To maintain compliance with these requirements, the antenna and any radiating elements should be installed to ensure that a minimum separation distance of 20 cm is maintained from the general population. If one or more items requires reshipment, use the original cardboard box and packing material.

Clear all obstructions from the installation location. Remove the protective cap and gasket. If you are replacing an existing antenna, remove the existing antenna connection and clean any dirt, debris, or dielectric grease from the F connector on the MIU housing. Push the connector in and turn clockwise until the quick connect antenna connection is properly seated on the three-lobed black plastic latch plate.

neptune e coder r900i water meter problems

The following table defines common causes of leaks. Check the flow indicator by closely watching it for two minutes. This is equal to 2, hourly intervals of consumption. The log data is extracted through radio frequency RF activation. The RF activation allows the utility workers to visit the location and extract the data without physically interacting with the meter itself. Verify the time is correct, and then click YES.

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The Initialize Device screen appears, if you are not connected or are not in range of your Belt Clip. Type or select the meter size and information in the appropriate fields, and then click OK. Choose the meter size. This allows the utilities to retrieve move-out reads or monitor vacant usage to prevent theft.

Follow these steps to navigate to the off-cycle function. Type the read ID or the password. Confirm the date and time are correct.The Access Richmond Hill Contact Centre provides assistance for general inquiries, responds to questions or concerns regarding programs and services as well as accepts in person payments. Report a problem with a service, e. Report a Problem. Richmond Hill co-ordinates the installation of water meters to newly built properties and the replacement of older meters with the E-Coder Ri model.

Richmond Hill does not conduct door-to-door sales and does not sell or endorse water filtration systems. Other water-related companies may be selling their services in your area. Please exercise caution when solicited for a water test and with sharing personal information with people you don't know.

Builders need to call the Meter Management Clerk at at least three to five business days before the date a water meter installation is required. Complete the Residential Meter Install Form. Builders of non-residential properties are required to pay for a water meter and installation when they apply for a building permit. They also have the option to email us. Richmond Hill is replacing its water meters with the E-Coder Ri model. This is a mandatory upgrade at no cost to residents.

Richmond Hill contracted Neptune Technology Group to handle the replacement program. The typical life of a water meter is 15 to 20 years. Like most mechanical devices, they eventually need to be replaced as they slow down. The upgraded water meters help Richmond Hill have many benefits including:. We are upgrading our water meters beginning with neighbourhoods with the oldest meters. Commencing March 1, we are replacing all remaining analog-style water meters in Richmond Hill.

neptune e coder r900i water meter problems

You will get a pamphlet when the meters in your area are scheduled to be replaced. You need to make an appointment with Neptune Technology Group using the reference number on the pamphlet. The work will take 30 minutes.

Call to make an appointment or book your appointment online. You can book an appointment during the following times:. All Richmond Hill residents must take part in the water meter replacement program according to By-law No. Neptune workers require access to your existing water meter including an area of at least 46 cm by 46 cm around the water meter.When the LCD is activated, the display alternates between meter totalization and flow rate.

When inactive, the LCD is simply blank. In our experience, most flashlights will work. Looking for a flashlight recommendation?

A set of new Duracell C-Cell batteries are recommended. Batteries are not included with this flashlight. Electronic Circuit Design, Software Development.

I have a resident that uses the Neptune E-Coder R to measure the water they use for a sprinkler system to get a credit from their sewage bill for water not going into the sewage. Can you tell me how to read this?

The first 3 numbers are above the black the next 3 numbers are in the white area with diagonal lines and then there is a. I need to know what numbers should be reported as to how many gallons they used through that meter. The Neptune E-Coder provides a 9-digit reading of total consumption. In your case, you mentioned the meter is displaying Gallons.

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When interrogating a water meter it diminishes the battery life. By how much? Am I able to interrogate the meter 20 times and still get 20 years out of the battery? Hi my name is John Crawford we have Neptune meters and we are getting set up to be able to interrogate them with the NGO app how badly does it affect the meters battery. Could we read them twenty times and still get twenty years.

Does the E-Coder Ri provide rate of flow information? To test the Flow Rate indicator, I turned my bathroom faucet on at a very low rate. Then, back to 0. Is that normal?

Neptune E-CODER R900i Installation And Maintenance Manual

John Crawford, The regular Neptune E-Coder register does not have an internal battery, and therefore it can be interrogated an unlimited number of times without adverse effect. There are other brands that utilize an internal battery, and it is my understanding that the life span of some perhaps not all are affected by how often the meter is electronically interrogated.

My residential home has the Neptune E-coder R and have had a recent reading that showed I used 24, gallons in a month witch I disputed with my local utility company. For the past 15yrs I average gal.

Per month. My question is; Can a local utility company manipulate the Neptune e- coder r from remote location. Can they add gallons to the meter without water flowing thru the meter? When first installed is the unit set at all zeros? And does the digital display keep adding up every month like an odomoter or does it reset to zeros every month?

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How does the water company calculate the first bill if part of the month of installation was with a previous meter setup? Your email address will not be published. Thank you. Jim Mimlitz on October 29, at am said:. Toni, The Neptune E-Coder provides a 9-digit reading of total consumption. For example, if the meter were reading Hope this helps! John Crawford on March 2, at am said:.Forgot your Password?

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Community Member List. Forum Actions Mark Forums Read. Quick Links View Forum Leaders. Neptune Ri water meter- can it fail by speeding up? Thread Tools. I am a homeowner with no knowledge of these things but I'll tell you what I do know. We got a sewer service bill that was 4 times higher than unusual for March-April.

I called and asked "What the heck?Neptune water meters are some of the most technologically advanced water meters on the market. Even though the first Neptune water meter was introduced over years ago, their meters remain one of the top three 3 water meters on the market. Neptune meters are popular for many reasons including customer service, technology, accuracy and quality.

To understand the technology Neptune uses, you must first understand their history. In fact, if you search for information pertaining to Neptune meters, you will find that the company has a history of over years. Today, the company has grown significantly and is known worldwide for their technologically advanced water meters. They have three main offices located in America, Canada and Mexico and several hundred dealers all over the world including the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.

Regarded as one of the leaders in the metering industry, Neptune introduced its first Automatic Reading and Billing A. With continuous research and development, Neptune is well respected for manufacturing quality and accurate water meter. In a society where accurate meters are more important than prices, Neptune seems to have delivered problem free meters that will increase revenue and reduce water meter problems. Neptune is often debated as one of the best water meters on the market. Here are a few reasons why.

All the meters are Automatic Meter Reader capable to improve accuracy and performance standards for consumers. Neptune was one of the first brands to supply automatic meter readers on the market.

An automatic meter reader A. The system reduces costs and man power. All Neptune water meters are A. Neptune sells their meters across a variation of pricesso you can purchase the cheaper models or the more expensive ones.

They are known for offering affordable water meters on the market.

Water Meters: A Leak Detection Device To Help Protect Your Home

Yes their prices are competitive but their water meter systems are worth the price. With this company you never feel alone when making buying decisions because they have one of the best and most reliable support departments in the metering industry. Chances are a Neptune dealer is located within a few miles of you. Their dealers are all experienced in the field and always willing to correct any problem or assist with any question that you have.

Worried about quality? All Neptune meters meet or exceed A. Neptune T water meter is their most popular type of water meter that is mostly used at your typical homes. They are lightweight and tightly sealed which improves the accuracy of the water meter. Whether you live in an apartment or a three 3 bedroom house, Neptune offers a water meter that will meet your water flow requirements.

Besides the regular water meters, Neptune also offer back flow water meters that are used with non potable water. As mentioned before, all Neptune T water meters meet or exceed the standard set out by the A.

Neptune designed these meters to satisfy anyone looking for moderate to high flow meters. They range in size from 12 inches to 20 inches; in fact, this is one of the few companies that offer 20" turbine water meters. The tightly sealed register prevents tampering, leaks or any other water meter problems. One of our favourite features is the glass lens on the register that makes reading the meter much easier. The polyurethane material prevents corrosion of the internal material.

Neptune compound water meters meet or exceed A. C standards.A couple of years ago, my water utility installed new remote-read water meters, Neptune e-Coder Ri, in every home in their service area. We know nothing about the signal, but we know where to start looking to find it. Is there any cheap hardware which could listen in on these frequencies? Why yes, there is! We record bins in the range, fairly fine grained. This gives us 10 CSV files, with one row per second, and time-stamped frequency columns.

Now what? But how to concatenate them? Did you know about paste? I did not. Paste is awesome for this. After simple awk scripts to gather only the frequency columns for each csv file, we combine them like so, using a comma for the delimiter as we combine the files:.

neptune e coder r900i water meter problems

Turns out keenerd has a great tool for this too; heatmap. Again, super easy:. Looks amazingly orderly, no? I actually ran the capture for 3 cycles after this, and confirmed that the cycle repeats the above pattern ad infinitum. And looking at that the test report for that FCC filing, we find this:. Which matches just extremely well; the lower frequency is stated in the test report as It also states that the channel separation was measured at So, counting the peaks above, and counting up 17 peaks or down 33 peaks from the extremes, correlating to the sequence we measured, and sorting — here is the table of frequencies and sequences for the Neptune e-Coder Ri RF water meter.

Now that we know where to look, we can start investigating the signals. I find myself following in your footsteps in an attempt to read my Neptune meter. Have you made any progress investigating the signals? You may find the bemasher project on github interesting. Can you post your final scripts which convert the RF information to the actual r format file, and those that parse it? Then I just run a bash script every 15 minutes, which does:.

Hi, Eric; thanks for the great information, but I have a question. Another article I found states that the RF system only updates its output value once an hour, which is plenty of detail for the water company, but would seriously compromise its use for detailed water use statistics. In your experience, how often does the transmitted value change? BTW: My r followed that table precisely.

Any thoughts why the company chose to put the large gap between channels 17 and 18?

Neptune RF water meter frequency hopping pattern

As for the gap, I really have no idea. Then you concatenate all the 10 files and run heat map on the resulting file. Yes, as I recall, that is correct — I used paste 1 to do the concatenation.

Could someone give me some informed input. My mother owns a rental property that mysteriously now is using up to 84, gallons a month. We have no leak or evidence of a leak that we can find.

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